Cast Stone

What is Cast Stone?

Cast Stone is a refined architectural concrete building unit manufactured in accordance with ASTM C1364 to simulate natural cut stone. Cast Stone is a masonry product, primarily used as a decorative architectural feature, trim or other ornamentation for commercial and residential structures.

Typical examples are base, banding, sills, coping, and door and window surrounds. Cast Stone is made from a mixture of Portland cement, natural sand, crushed limestone, chemical admixtures and coloring pigment (if needed). It is an excellent replacement for limestone, brownstone, granite and other natural building stone because of its ability to surpass natural stone in strength and durability at a lower cost.

Download the Cast Stone Institute’s brochure for more information:

Why Cast Stone?

  • Simulates natural stone at less cost
  • May be easily formed into customized shapes
  • Offers precise colors
  • Has a higher compressive strength and lower cold water absorption rate
  • Offers time-tested freeze-thaw durability
  • May be cut to length easily at the job site

Why Midwest Cast Stone?

  • Guaranteed quality assurance
  • Individually handled project from start to finish
  • Delivered on time
  • Custom or standard units created to fit your needs and your budget
  • Faster turnaround time than any other provider

Pallet Tag Program

Midwest Cast Stone has partnered with Prosoco, a leading manufacturer and supplier of masonry cleaners and protective treatments. Based on comprehensive testing of our cast stone, Prosoco has identified the most effective cleaning agents for use on our product. Additional information on Prosoco products may be found on the Prosoco website.