Building Stone Anchors & Inserts


Standard masonry anchors are preferred over embedded hardware for use with Cast Stone. They are reliable, time-tested, commercially available, need not be specially fabricated and afford great flexibility in meeting jobsite conditions.

Non-corrosive type anchors should be used for all anchoring. Stainless steel Type 302 or 304 are the standard type used in this class of work.

Typical sizes shown are 1/8” x 1” straps, 1/4” rods and 1/2” dowels. Dowel holes for 1/2” or 3/4” dowels are usually 1” diameter filled completely with mortar during setting. Anchor slots are typically 3/4” wide and similarly are filled with mortar.

Typical details are not universal. The Cast Stone institute strongly recommends that designers consult with the project engineer and Cast Stone Institute producer member in the early stages of design to determine the appropriate anchoring strategy.